Bigger Photos

All these photos are used elsewhere in the site to illustrate building techniques and choices. But, we thought you might enjoy larger photos of a sampling of our projects. Each image is 20 to 30K in size, so please excuse the length of download time.

Not your traditional cottage! This family home is located in the midlands.

Ballinskelligs Heritage Center, County Kerry.

The 3 Flowers Cottage Inn in Derry. This is a 10,000 square foot roof.
It was fireproofed and completed in under 6 weeks.

Another view of the 3 Flowers Cottage Inn.
You'll find it on the Buncrana Road, Cosquin, County Derry.

Here's another hotel in Kinvarra, County Galway.
You're looking at the largest thatched roof in Ireland.
Completed by The Thatch Company on time and to cost!
A few days after this photo was taken, the roof stood up to 100mph winds -
and didn't lose a straw! Nearby slate roofs suffered extensive damage.

Here's a smaller scale project - a traditional thatched cottage.

Another traditional cottage photo.

A somewhat larger cottage in County Waterford rethatched by The Thatch Company.

The kind of home you'd like to reproduce as a porcelain collectable!
This home by Killarney National Park was thatched by The Thatch Company.

Another view of the Killarney "cottage".

One of the houses in the biggest modern thatched estate in Ireland.
Another collectable!

This is an old home given new life by a thatched roof and a conservatory.

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